Partners with Purpose is dedicated to respectfully collaborating with the Haitian people to achieve an improved quality of their life.

We commit to partnerships involving equal member participation, purposeful strategies, respectful dialogue, and dedicated pursuits resulting in measurable social, economic and culturally relevant improvements.


Literacy Centers

Early in 2004, P.W.P. began to investigate the possibility of creating an adult literacy program that would particularly target women in Haiti who must spend most of their day working in small markets to provide for their families. It is estimated that 80% of Haitians are functionally illiterate. The inability to read and write breeds incredible levels of low self-esteem, lack of self-respect and lack of respect from others who may have a level of education no matter how small. The obvious disadvantages of being illiterate, such as the handicaps it brings in marketing their goods and services pale in comparison to what it does to the spirit of that person who must choose the slavery of silence because they are bound by the shame of illiteracy. The voice of an illiterate person is not considered equal or valid.

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Micro-loans & Continuing Education

PWP developed a culturally accessible, culturally relevant educational initiative in Northern Haiti. Individual training modules offering -  1. small business management, 2. environmental protection and, 3. basic health care including reproductive health, family planning, AIDS prevention, prevention of diseases endemic to Haiti and cost attentive herbal remedies make up the body of the curriculum. A micro-loan program, complete with business classes and trained advisers, is offered to graduates of Level 2 of the PWP Literacy program. The expectation is for personal, social and economic transformation to result from the cumulative effect this holistic approach to adult education and small financial loans will foster.

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Immersion Excursion

Our all inclusive fee of $2400+ provides all airfare, food, lodging, transportation, seminars, site seeing excursions, cultural events and a one day trip to the beach. Our intent is to provide first hand, cultural experiences and lively discussion groups that will enlighten our participants in unparalleled ways on how to become a more effective global citizen in our approach to humanitarian aid and Christian charity.

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